A Time to Think and A Thinking Environment

with Maryse Barak

L2G member Bev Wilcocks reflects on this event:

What a fabulous day I had on the 25th August with a number of school heads and staff at the Thinking Environment workshop hosted by Good Hope Seminary High and facilitated by Maryse Barak. I came away inspired by the number of really dedicated educators there are working really hard to positively impact youth in our schooling system despite the increasing challenges they face. Challenges not only within the schooling system but also having to deal with the increasing social dynamics presented by the leaners.

Maryse guided us in a number of really insightful excises demonstrating how to presence everyone in the room and then go on to create an open and safe space for dialogue, greater understanding and creativity to surface. I was amazed by how open and engaged everyone was to looking for creative solutions for their school environments.

If you go on to the timetothink website and click on media – that will take you to a couple video clips of Nancy Kline, the originator of the Thinking Environment material, describing aspects of the thinking Environment. These are well worth a listen.

Ten components that contribute to a thinking environment, one that encourages people to think productively for themselves are:
1. Attention
2. Equality
3. Ease
4. Appreciation
5. Encouragement
6. Information
7. Feelings
8. Diversity
9. Incisive questions
10. Place

This course is highly regarded in the business environment and a big than you to Carin for facilitating the link-up with Maryse, to Maryse for offering her time and to Leon Linz (acting headmaster at GHSH) for hosting the event.

The participants were deeply impacted and inspired by the day. All felt lighter knowing they had learnt some great tools to take away with them out into their lives and the world.

Maryse (third from right) and the participants at Good Hope Seminary High with Principal Leon Linz (in the red).