Link to Grow is a Cape Town based organisation, founded in November 2008 and committed to the advancement of women. Our context is the social communities in which we live and work and our organisation acts as a link in these communities. Through our knowledge, professional and executive experience, skills, networks, time and effort we connect and strengthen ties with other links in the social capital chain. We organise support, act as bridge-builders between individuals, groups and resources and raise our own and others’ awareness of issues relevant to the advancement of women. We are committed to our own growth as individuals, team workers and citizens, and to the advancement of the status and circumstances of other women so that they, too, can develop, gain strength, become self-reliant, courageous, surge and skyrocket, if they so aspire!

Here are some pictures taken at our inaugural lunch at De Grendel at the end of February 2009.


The under representation of women at senior levels of business, the professions, education and government, as well as the devastating consequences of poverty, unemployment and infectious disease among South African women, their families and communities, create enormous opportunities for positive interventions and social development.

Women Empowerment refers to an environment where there is no gender bias and women have equal rights in community, society and workplace”