Old Wisdom Young Energy Conference (OWYE) 2019

Where vibrant, youthful perspectives meet wisdom, experience and retrospection

Conversations for new possibilities in a polarised South African context. All proceeds will go towards our “Adopt-a-Mentee” programme.
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Old Wisdom Young Energy Conference Description

Suzanne Leighton and Carin Wiese of L2G discussing the OWYE conference with Mamphela Ramphele

This discussion took place at the School Leadership Forum.

Mentor Programme 2018

Our last mentor group event for the year, a Personal Branding for Mentors and Mentees, took place at Good Hope Seminary High School on Saturday 15 September 2018.

Earlier in the year the mentees also attended a Life Skills workshop kindly presented and sponsored by Free To Grow, as well as an iHeart workshop conducted and sponsored by L2G member Bev Willcocks.

Two mentees enjoying the Free to Grow workshop
Some mentees at the iHeart workshop

Maryse Barak from Barak Learning & Development Consultants sponsored and conducted a Leadership in a thinking environment workshop for the teachers at Good Hope Seminary on the 25th of August.

Maryse (third from right) and the participants at Good Hope Seminary High with Principal Leon Linz (in the red).